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For the aperitif

Home-made groceries

Marinated salmon 250g
CHF 25

Marinated with citrus fruits, smoked tea and dried for a long time. To be enjoyed sliced on toast.

Pork roll with pistachios 150g
CHF 15

A Swiss pork and pistachio terrine, finely sliced, sausage size. Vacuum packed / frozen.

Hummus 150g
CHF 12

Swiss chickpea hummus finely flavoured with olive oil and oriental spices.

For the meal

Main dishes

CHF 35

Pan-fried fillet of beef, poultry and foie gras in puff pastry, ready to cook with its meat juice. Minimum 2 persons.

Beef fillet Wellington
CHF 45

Fillet of beef, mushroom duxelles, Valais ham, in puff pastry, ready to cook. With its meat juice. Minimum 2 persons.

Salmon in a crust
CHF 30

Salmon steak in a puff pastry crust, ready to cook, with sauce. Minimum 2 persons.

The dish to "cook" at home
CHF 35

Pre-cooked vacuum-packed duck breast for roasting, sauce and side dish of the day.

Trim of the day

Accompaniment of the moment for dishes in puff pastry (already included in the dish to be cooked)

Bento in gastro mode

The Bouates

La bouate! Original For 2
CHF 100

1 pre-baked baguette, 3 spreads for the aperitif - 1 pithiviers to cook with sauce and salad - 75 cl of red wine selected by our sommelier

Feet under the table!
CHF 85

1 starter and a ready-made dessert - 1 pithiviers to cook with sauce and garnish. Minimum order: 2 units

Like a chef!
CHF 115

Appetizers - ready-made starter and dessert - 1 starter to be "cooked" - main course of your choice (only one choice for the whole set) - sweets. Minimum order : 2 units

The whole package! For 2
CHF 400

Bouate "like a chef" - 3/8 of champagne - a bottle of red - cheese plate to share - candles and rose petals - a naughty surprise for after 😉 - Possibility to adapt the menu on request for more people.

If you don't have enough yet

The little extras

CHF 45

Deutz - 75cl

Cuvée Rat-chus
CHF 40

Ermitage Flétri, vinified by André Fontannaz and his daughters - 75cl

Bottle of red wine
CHF 35

A Valaisan speciality from our selection to accompany your meal - 75cl

Candy box
CHF 15

Some chocolates and sweets by our pastry chef

Selection of cheeses
CHF 20

A choice of cheeses from our tray to complement your meal, with chutney and bread. Minimum 2 persons.


A bread to share with your meal

A little something else?

If there's anything extra we can do, don't hesitate to ask. If we can't, we'll tell you!

Deliveries / Collection

Orders can be collected from the restaurant in Sion (times according to confirmation mail, according to your choice if possible)
We can deliver orders for 10.00 to a relay point (Martigny, Bex, Villeneuve, or Montreux) normally the day after your order, in the morning.
We can deliver to your home, within 48 hours after your order according to an appointment by mail and this in a rather vast area in French-speaking Switzerland.
Price: home delivery 50.00 for the plain within a 10 km radius of the motorway / 100.00 for the Lake Geneva area. We reserve the right to refuse a home delivery if our schedule does not allow it.
Please consult the important information section for all other questions

Important note

1. We work with fresh products, cooked at the minute and intended to be consumed within a maximum of 3 days... provided that the cold chain is respected. So keep your Bouate in the fridge. Thank you.
2. To guarantee optimal freshness, we prepare the Bouates when you order them. Give us 24 hours maximum to prepare it, we will let you know when your order is ready.
3. Therefore we do not send Bouate by post (CF point 1)
4. Bouates are paid for on collection in cash or by card (only cash or Twint for orders outside the restaurant). If we find ourselves with Bouates ordered and not taken, we will switch to online payment.
5. We can make gift vouchers for Bouates, subscriptions, etc.
If this information does not answer your questions, we can do so: info@damiengermanier.ch