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Main dishes

CHF 40

Pan-fried fillet of beef, poultry and foie gras in a puff pastry, ready to cook with its meat juice. A real treat. Minimum 2 persons.

Beef fillet Wellington
CHF 45

Fillet of beef, mushroom duxelles, Valais cured ham, in puff pastry, ready to cook. With sauce. Minimum 2 persons.

Trim of the day

A pan of vegetables to accompany your dish

Bento in gastro mode

The Bouates

Feet under the table!
CHF 85

1 starter and a ready-made dessert - 1 pithiviers to cook with sauce and garnish.

We won't let you die of thirst

The drinks

Beer Aux Sombres Héros de l'Amer 75 cl
CHF 25

Russian Imperial Stout, brewed by Brasserie de la Pêcherie in Noville (with the participation of the chef who brewed mostly air)

Cuvée BZZZZ 75 cl
CHF 40

Ermitage Malvoisie sauvignon doux en Barrique, illustrated by Bertschy and vinified by Frederic Dumoulin

Cuvée Rémy 75 cl / 150 cl
CHF 30 / CHF 70

Humagne blanche en Amphore, illustrated by Toc Toc and vinified by Joel Briguet

Cider vintage Mymouse 75 cl
CHF 25

3 pips cider from the cidrerie du vulcain , illustrated ( 2x ) by the talented ( and beautiful ) Amy Mymouse

Lux Divina 150 cl
CHF 95

Cornalin / Gamay 2022 blend vinified by Thierry Constantin , illustrated by Maud Dardeau

Tenebris 150 cl
CHF 115

Syrah barrique 2021 vinified by Stéphane Rémondeulaz , illustrated by Maud Dardeau

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    The Bouates

    The drinks

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    Deliveries / Collection

    Orders are to be collected from the restaurant in Sion (times according to confirmation mail, according to your choice if possible).
    We can deliver orders for CHF 10.00 to a relay point in Montreux, the morning after your order if possible.
    We reserve the right to refuse a home delivery if our schedule does not allow it.
    Please consult the important information section for all other questions.

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    Important note

    1. We work with fresh products, cooked at the minute and intended to be consumed within a maximum of 3 days... provided that the cold chain is respected. So keep your Bouate in the fridge. Thank you.
    2. In order to guarantee optimal freshness, we prepare the Bouates to order. Please allow up to 24 hours for preparation and we will let you know when your order is ready.
    3. Therefore we do not send Bouate by post (CF point 1).
    4. Bouates are to be paid for on collection by cash or card. If we end up with Bouates ordered and not taken, we will switch to online payment.
    5. We can make gift vouchers for Bouates, subscriptions, etc.
    If this information does not answer your questions, we can do so: info@damiengermanier.ch