A chef at home

Damien turns your kitchen upside down

For any home service, our chef or one of our cooks can prepare a meal in your kitchen, regardless of your location.

This service for a minimum of 6 people includes dishes and a surprise menu.

We propose a standard offer composed as follows:

Mise en bouches
2 starters
main course
cheese platter

According to your needs, it is also possible to include the service staff, the wines or a more substantial menu (1-2 additional entries, culinary demonstrations, etc.)

We will gladly make you a personalized offer.

Catering / consulting / team building

Events without limits

We offer a high-end service for any event from 30 to 1000 people.


With an international experience with culinary guests around the world, from Brasilia to the Maldives, from Zanzibar to Montreal, the Chef, a globetrotter at heart, will be happy to answer any request for culinary shows, guest, consulting or team-building of any kind.

Your imagination has no limits, neither does our team.

Don't hesitate to contact us for your craziest requests...

For any request it is here

home chef, events, team building. no request is too crazy

    wild boar ravioli